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Instructions for the Use of Magic Bee-hiring Water

This product is refined from more than 20 precious Chinese medicines mixed with queen bee pheromone. It can send out strong information to lure bees within 1 kilometer into your hive. This product is an adjuvant drug to induce bees. It is based on the traditional method of bee harvesting to provide the product with the success rate of bee harvesting. It requires that the bee trapper must have mature experience of bee harvesting and control the environment of bee harvesting. Temperature, water source, wind direction, season and region all determine the success rate of bee harvesting.

【Method of Use】1. Dry the beehives and bee barrels that are ready to spray bee water. Inside, place an old spleen with honey water, and clean up the interior. It must be used old beehives.

2. Spray the mixture of honey and pollen on the wall of the beehive and the spleen of the nest. Spray the beeswax on the wall of the beehive, then spray the beeswax into the beehive. Spray a little more near the inner surface of the door of the nest.

3. Spray bee water about 20 ml per box. Each bottle can be used to trap 5 hives of bees.

4. When attracting wild bees, it is better to open the hive cover and maximize the hive door so that bees can enter easily. When the bees come in, cover the hive and close the door until a bee can enter.

5. After the collection, check the queen situation in time, and immediately use the company's patented product "bee colony flavor reducer" to fuse the new colony information, so that they can fuse each other and reduce agitation. No queen needs to replenish the new queen in time. 

【Specification】 100ml/bottle

【validity period】 3 years

【Key Points for Use】 

1. The lowest temperature is 20 and the best temperature is about 30 The closer the distance is, the better the effect is.

2. The hive and nest spleen used must be the old spleen and the old hive used.

3. Spraying a beehive every three days, five times in a row, can ensure that bees can be harvested for three years.

4. Received wild bees should be diligent in checking every day. Some wild bees will be restless. They must spray "bee colony flavor reduction solution" in time to merge. No queen can supplement the new queen. All bees and Queens can be merged into one colony with the colony flavor reduction solution.

5. If the queen bee is collected, the "colony flavor digestion solution" is first sprinkled on the colony and queen bees. The queen bee is quickly removed, then its wings are broken off, and then placed in the cage of the queen beehive. Slowly, the bees in the colony will enter the hive. After they adapt to the hive, the queen bee will be released. The general quality of the queen bee is the same as that of the queen bee. It is not high, so the queen bee should be replaced in time to breed the next generation.

【Notes】1. The effect of this water on bees in the field or those who participated in the bees was particularly obvious.

2. The effect is the best when the outside temperature is above 30 C.

3. Within 500 meters of the square circle, wild bees or bees can be seen.

4. Honeybee attraction is first to detect bees, then to collect bees, then to incubate bees, queens and larvae of working bees and queens. It is impossible to recruit all bees at once.

5. The success rate of bee harvesting can be improved by 70% after using this product.